Jack Puckett
Hello, my name is Jack Puckett, and I am a sophomore here at Ralston Valley.  The most interesting and important thing about me is that I have an obese pug whose name is “Hello” in Korean. Annyong. Unlike most people, an uneventful night full of me staying home is extremely fun. I still like to spend time with friends and actually doing things can sometimes be entertaining. I like to waste my time watching sports, movies, netflix and other such things. In rare occasions I do find reading amusing as well; it just has to be the right book. I do like music, but in all honesty who doesn’t. The majority of country and pop is equivalent to nails on the chalkboard but I try to have an open mind. Ever since third grade I’ve loved to write, though only about things I enjoy to write about (So I dislike most school writing assignments). Although I like to write, I’ve never really independently written anything just for the giggles. I hope I will write well for The Review, and if I do this may lead to a new, exciting hobby or even more. If not then it’ll at least be more entertaining way to spend time than math class.


Jack Puckett, Staff Writer

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