Icy Problems

The north parking lot isn’t all it’s cut out to be, and often times it can be dangerous to drive in during the winter.


Grace Strasheim

Grace Strasheim, Staff Writer

Starting in October the school scrambled to prepare the north parking lot to account for the tremendous amount of students able to drive. Students were excited at first, but as time has passed and winter has set in, the snow and icy conditions along the trek into the building have caused some to wonder if the school could have done more.

The north parking lot can be entered from Alkire and is open to those who have purchased a North Lot parking pass. What many don’t know, is how risky it can be parking there. Countless mornings, the lot is covered in ice and packed snow.Ice Parking Lot 2Grace Strasheim

“Yeah, I’ve slipped on the ice,” says Emmalie Markham, a sophomore who parks in the lot, “They should definitely shovel the snow.”  Shoveling the snow would possibly prevent future injuries as students get in and out of their cars.

Andrew Graziano agrees, stating, “I’ve been late because of the walk and the length of time it takes to move across the ice covering the walkway.” This is a hazard to students traveling towards the building on foot, who are often in a hurry.