The Fault in our Candidates

This election presents plenty of bad choices from the two major parties…but what about the Johnson?

Hannah Bright, Staff Writer

With this upcoming election on November 8th, the tension is higher than ever before.  In the halls and on the streets, propaganda is everywhere.  Yet, I can’t help but see that both of the major party choices are the wrong choice.

Then there’s Gary Johnson, the nominated candidate for the Libertarian party, who has been steadily gaining points in states, which is decreasing Clinton’s lead by a few points.

Most may ask, “Who is Gary Johnson?” “What does he have to offer me or this country?” “What in the world is the Libertarian party?”

However, let us start with the two major party candidates…Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I personally do not like either Donald or Hillary.  I believe them to be social climbers, only interested in running for president to climb the public fame ladder.

Let’s begin with Donald Trump.  Trump, in my opinion, is not a bad person.  I more do not like his policies rather than his personality.

This wall everyone is talking about is getting out of hand.  You cannot say that America is the greatest country and then contradict yourself by telling the country you will build a wall to stop Hispanics from entering the United States because you feel they should not live here.  On top of that, how do you even plan on making Mexico pay for it?

First, how are you going to build the wall?  You cannot say something that won’t even be passed by most of Congress.  Second, where will all these “security guards” going to come from to guard this insane wall?

However, I do agree with his stance on the second amendment and gun control.  Gun control is NOT something we need.  If it becomes too difficult for average Americans to get guns how can they be prepared against the criminals who have no regard for the law.  As the saying goes, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Now for Hillary Clinton.  Clinton is a massive advocate for gun control laws.  According to her, we need these laws to help protect citizens from “domestic abusers, violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill.”  I one hundred percent disagree with gun control laws.  If every law-abiding citizen turned in their guns, then only the criminals would be left.  Also, many students and teachers go recreational shooting for fun.  Clinton plans to close gun shows and create more intense background checks.  To add on top of all of this, when is she finally going to admit she deleted all those emails?

Now for Gary Johnson.  Gary Johnson is one of the best candidates for the 2016-2020 presidency.  He plans to end the drug war (which was something we have not been able to end since the Nixon administration started the whole thing), legalize marijuana in all fifty states, believes we should embrace marriage equality, and is pro-choice for abortion.  I like Johnson because he is pro-choice on almost every policy he has. He is pro-choice on abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-immigration, pro-guns and pro-legalized marijuana. My personal views line up with everything Johnson approves of. I believe that we cannot promote freedom of choice or freedom in general yet we still have all these rules and laws constricting those. Some people may so that we need these laws to keep those freedoms in check, and I agree with that but the thing is, we, as a whole, have way too many regulations for the “Free Country”.

A vote for a lesser evil is still a vote for evil.  If you vote for Trump because you do not like Clinton, or vice-versa, you are still voting for an evil choice.  If we vote third party, we can eventually bring down the terrifying hold that the Democrats and Republicans have on this country.