No Fast Food Nation

Perhaps it is time to review the food policy in classrooms at RV


Tessa Petersen

Their is an added emphasis this school year on keeping the building in upstanding physical condition. That said, staff is cracking down on rule prohibiting food in the hallways and classrooms.

Tessa Petersen, Managing Editor

As high school students we survive off of a couple of things.

Food and our overpriced drinks are high on the list.

However, at a school that thrives with student conduct, our snacks are prohibited from entering the carpeted areas of the building.

The food policy of the school is not directly outlined in writing, however, the policy is displayed around the school on posters that say “no food or drink beyond this point.”

Water is the only acceptable drink on the carpets and food is an absolute no. This is any type of food, no matter if it’s messy or not, and even Gatorade is not allowed pasted the tiled lobby.

But why is this?

Security guards are posted at every hallway, making sure we are abiding by the overly enforced policy. Everything that they are doing is in order to keep crumbs, stains, and distractions from happening in the class room.

Okay, I understand that people can be messy eaters, and because of this ants and other insects were entering the building and becoming an issue.

I also understand how some students could be irresponsible and spill their colored drinks, making the carpet look like a broken, stain glass window.

But the fact of the matter is Ralston Valley students are held to such a high level of respect and responsibility that it is hard for me to understand why we can’t handle eating on carpet.

We are coming back late from lunch and are finishing our drink as we walk to class. Yet, we are stopped and have no option except to continue to class and throw away the cup once we get to school.

Can we not handle that as high school students?

No food allowed on the carpets.

But we are hungry teenagers that need a boost every now and then to continue functioning at a high performance level. Usually, we have the teacher’s approval of eating during their class also.

How are we supposed to bring in food to class for food days that was assigned to us?

We are forced to hide our food and become dishonest about what we have in our backpack or shoved in our jacket. We are high school students who are being treated as little kids, not allowed to have food or drink on the carpets.