It’s a Wild World

Three years later, Bastille releases second album

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It’s a Wild World

Jakob Fanning, Editor-in-Chief

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With the release of their sophomore album, the London based band has some questions to answer…the biggest of these being:  “what in the world took so long?”

It has been three very long years since the band released their first album Bad Blood.  Now when I think of that first album one song comes to mind ‘Pompeii’.  The catchy beat and easy to learn lyrics help the song standout.

That’s the main component that seems to be missing.  After listening to this album on repeat for hours, there wasn’t a song that set itself apart from the rest.

All of the songs seem to be lacking something.  Those that have a catchy chorus such ‘Four Walls (The Ballad Of Perry Smith)’, seem to be lacking good instrumentals; whereas, songs like ‘Send Them Off!’ which have better instrumentals, have poorer lyrics.

This doesn’t seem like the original Bastille album where both lyrics and instrumentals played off each other beautifully.  The new album also seems a lot more pop than the alternative we came to understand last year.

The biggest addition to the new album is the voice outtakes that are added into the tracks.  They add a new layer to the song and deepen its meaning.  Though at times can be confusing and take away from the flow of the song, I’d say they are a good addition overall.

However, the album, ‘Wild World’ is still an album worth listening to.  Several tracks are still good and deserve some sort of recognition.

My new favorite, ‘An Act of Kindness’,  has an easy and catchy chorus to remember.  Not only that, but it tells the story of what people feel like when they receive something they can’t pay back.
The ‘Currents’, is also catchy.  Bastille does a wonderful job explaining the destruction you can cause yourself…a self-implosion if you will (just in time for the beginning of school).

Other songs like ‘Fake it’ are much sadder than the rest of the album.  But as soon in Bad Blood, Bastille does a fantastic job  where they are able to share what really happens in people’s lives.  They don’t sugar coat their messages and this is demonstrated in the album’s second single.

The song I’m leased impressed with would probably be the album’s first single, ‘Good Grief’.  Though the song isn’t bad, I do believe it to be the worst on the soundtrack.  The lyrics and the instrumental seem to be clash with one another, not giving the desired feeling of the song to the listener.

Though Bastille’s second album doesn’t quite rise to the occasion, it still deserves to be listened to, and demonstrates Bastille’s ability to tell a good story with decent instrumentals.

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It’s a Wild World