From OS to third-world Assistance

Gates and his foundation are taking their work overseas in an attempt to curb issues in many African countries


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An activist in many ways, Bill Gates has turned much of his attention and financial assistance to aiding women and children in third world countries.

Drew Kain, Staff Writer

Bill Gates is best known for creating Microsoft, a revolutionary company most notably known for its Windows operating systems; however, Mr. Gates is also making a push for a better future, a future without disease.

Widespread hunger and disease have plagued third world countries for decades, and despite efforts by the Red Cross and other organizations, the problems these people face with Malaria, HIV, etc. just keep coming.

Despite such hardships, Gates still holds out hope that one day, these third world countries, will be disease free, and he is already taking the steps that he thinks are necessary to make this future a reality.

Gates says that the first step is just to get the word out. Let everyone know just how bad the situation is.

Next, “It’s about increasing food productivity,” Gates said.

He also wants to give these third world countries access to cell phones and better crop strains to increase crop yield and help farmers obtain market information.

Gates has admitted to the challenge of this uphill task but remains very optimistic.

In an interview with CNN he said, “The reduction in violence, the understanding the science, you know, the treatment of women. We have a lot more to do, but, you know, certainly, 30 years ago, it was a lot worse than it is today.”

Gates admits that there’s a lot of work to be done, but if each person just takes one small step, it will be equivalent to an earthquake of change.

For more information on the disease and famine plaguing Africa and what you can do to help, visit the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.