Weekday Halloween Discourages Student Celebration

Jonas Kahila, Staff Writer

As leaves change their colors and the air becomes bitter, children anticipate the upcoming holiday. Halloween usually signifies fun, but celebrating as a high schooler and on a Wednesday proves difficult. With less time, students must compromise.


“I’m gonna go just hang around at my friend’s house,” said Anthony Kolinski, a junior at Ralston Valley, on Wednesday morning, “Then I’m going to 13th floor.”


Kolinski experienced more than your average student on Halloween, visiting two haunted houses, one on Halloween day. Most found the holiday less exciting.


“I’m just gonna mow some lawns and make some money,” explained Brady Herzog, a sophomore, addressing his halloween plans.


For most students, school Thursday morning required saving festivities for the weekend or omitting them.


“If Halloween would’ve been on a weekend I would’ve gone to a party or maybe a haunted house with my friends, just done more stuff at night. On Halloween I just went to my friend’s house,” said Daniel Morin, a sophomore, hinting disappointment.


Students still ended up celebrating on the weekends and most said that they did have fun during Halloween season. Despite the lack of festivities on the midweek date, this Halloween was satisfactory to most students.