The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Revealed

Madeline Rozeski, Staff Writer

Recently, Walt Disney Pictures released the new movie ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms’ based on the ballet of ‘The Nutcracker’. This version of the Nutcracker gives us a deeper understanding of the story, fills missing holes of the original story, and gives us a unique twist that no one sees coming and an astounding experience.  

The animation and set are filled with color, contrast, and so much detail that you feel like you are inside the movie. From the majesty of the castle to the simple animation of the mice, everything is executed with precision and expertise.

The costumes are elaborate and fun but don’t look completely ridiculous. The only negative thing I have to say about attire is about the Nutcracker.  Phillip, even though his outfit is different from the rest of the guards, it doesn’t remind me of a nutcracker as much as other characters remind me of their counterparts. If you didn’t work to find the differences, he could just fade into the background.

Each character is perfectly cast and represented. Mackenzie Foy perfectly illustrated the complexity of out main character Clara. The intelligent, fun, kind, sad, lost, confused, confident, strong, and emotional character had many layers, and Mackenzie Foy allowed you to connect with Clara on her adventures and struggles.

Jayden Fowora-Knight portrayed the Nutcracker as a brave and yet awkward and scared soldier who would do anything for Clara, and you fall in love with their friendship.

Of course, we cannot forget Helen Mirren (Mother Ginger) and Keira Knightley (Sugarplum). Each tells a story from beginning to end, and you would never suspect the twist regarding these too because they play the part so well.

And we cannot forget the ballerinas who showcased their skills during the production. I loved how ballet was kept, since the original story of the Nutcracker was a ballet.

Finally, the plot itself. The beginning gives us an insight to a secret side of Clara’s story that has never been seen before. Her relationships with her family, her sorrow about the loss of her mother, and of course her vast knowledge of the world around her causes you to love Clara from the start.

Finding a key to open an unopenable box is a perfect and very creative way to keep Clara in the Four Realms. And who would have thought that key would be the problem and the solution.

I am slightly skeptical of them making Sugarplum evil though. I mean, in the original story, the Sugar Plum Fairy was kind and helped Clara, so I don’t know how I feel about this twist.

I do appreciate that they add humor into this movie. Without it, it would be a very dark and slightly depressing movie, but thanks so a little humor, it is really fun to watch.

The love the message of the film, that all you need is yourself. The entire time Clara was trying to find her mother’s key, she began to make decisions by herself and was doing an amazing job, but she never reached her full potential because she thought she needed something to tell her what to do. Although once realizing she had the power to defeat the evil herself, she finally leads her people to victory and repaired her relationship with her father.