Ralph is crushing it in the movie business

Abby Gillam, Entertainment Editor

Recently the movie called “Ralph Breaks the Internet” has been released. This movie is a sequel to the popular kid’s movie “Wreck-It Ralph” that came out in November 2012. Now almost 5 years later people are filled with new joy based on these movies. The second movie is an amazing add-on to the original and offers a great new perspective on these fiction movies.

The referencing of this movie really stood out because it snuck very clever reminders of the original movie into the newly updated sequel, which made watching it much more fun. Because they gave the viewers a feeling of excitement when they realized the connection between the two parts it helps bring the viewers into the movie and let them have a deeper understanding of the scene.

Each character is a perfect representation of how the characters personality is through the voice of there actors.  John C. Reilly ( Ralph) has done an amazing job at illustrating the potential of his character and how he moves the story along.

Sarah Silverman has done an exceptional job of bringing the second main character Vanellope to life in her own way. Vanellope has a very strong will and hopes to be a role model for younger girls. She is portrayed as smart, courageous and kind. Silverman has done a great job expressing those traits throughout the entire movie.

With this being the sequel, there were worries that this wouldn’t be as good as the first movie. “I wouldn’t say this movie was better or worse than the first one. They both had their goods and bads I think that this movie just wasn’t told the same way, but it wasn’t worse or better” Grace Gunther a freshman at Ralston Valley said,  a viewer of both the wreck it Ralph movies.

The plot development was very clever. It had more foreshadowings in the beginning,  just like most movies do, but the trait that stood out the most was the plot twists and unexpected events that happened throughout the film. It left the viewers on the edge of their seat the whole time and brought out the child in the adult.

The creators of this movie have done a beautiful job of bringing excitement to all viewers. To do this they would write simple childhood reminders into the film and bring back references, not only to the old movie but also to the childhood of the older viewers.