That’s a Classic

Michael Poisson, Staff Writer

That joyful, exciting, but rather stressful time of year is back again. People rushing to get gifts, their Christmas hams, and students trying to finish off the semester by preparing for finals. With all these stressful activities we forget that it’s Christmas and in these moments we might turn to great Christmas movies that you remember as a kid.


Classic holiday films are a huge part of the Christmas celebration. It’s nice to provide comedy relief to a time that causes stress, or a reminder of what Christmas is about. Films like ‘Christmas Vacation,’ ‘Christmas story,’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ are commonly watched throughout the Christmas season. For lots of families watching these holiday films is a tradition.


“I personally think that most people watch christmas movies to get it to the spirit,” said Graiden King, a junior at Ralston Valley, “I think everyone has seen at least one [Movie].”


“My all time favorite is the Grinch, probably because it’s just a movie I watched all the time as a kid,” said Evan Johnson another junior at Ralston Valley, “I just enjoy those movies because it can be nostalgic,” he continued.


“I think they’re good for this time of year with all the stress,” said Madi Sella another junior at Ralston Valley, “I think because we’re in high school we forget it’s Christmas but watching movies can help with [stress].”


We always tend to forget about what’s really important, but while watching these movies we can go back to what’s important.