2018 Midterm Election Breakdown

Sydney Horn, Editor-in-Chief

Despite the midterms concluding in Colorado at the beginning of the month, there are still people who don’t know the outcomes. Whether there was no easy source, the wording of the reports were too complicated or there was no easy source to get all the information needed, some people voted and never found out the result. To help remedy that and show students who their new elected officials are, here is a complete breakdown of the Colorado midterm elections:

  • Governor: Jared Polis (D) with 52.3% of the votes
  • House of Representatives:
    • District 1: Diana DeGette (D) with 71.1% of the votes
    • District 2: Joe Neguse (D) with 60.0% of the votes  
    • District 3: Scott Tipton (R) with 51.7% of the votes
    • District 4: Ken Buck (R) with 60.9% of the votes
    • District 5: Doug Lamborn (R) with 58.3% of the votes
    • District 6: Jason Crow (D) with 54.1% of the votes
    • District 7: Ed Perlmutter (D) with 60.3% of the votes
  • Attorney General: Phil Weiser (D) with 50.4% of the votes
  • Treasurer: Dave Young (D) with 53.3% of the votes
  • Secretary of State: Jena Griswold (D) with 53.6% of the votes  
  • Jefferson County specific results:
    • District 1, 2 and 7’s results may correlate to your specific address since they all fall within JeffCo borders to some degree
    • State Senate District 20: Jessie Danielson (D) with 54.0% of the votes
    • State Senate District 22: Brittany Pettersen (D) with 57.9% of the votes
    • State Senate District 16: Tammy Story (D) with 53.3% of the votes
    • State House District 25: Lisa Cutter (D) with 52.7% of the votes
    • State House District 24: Monica Duran (D) with 63.2% of the votes
    • State House District 23: Chris L. Kennedy (D) with 62.7% of the votes
    • State House District 27: Brianna Titone (D) with 50.2% of the votes
    • State House District 22: Colin Larson (R ) with 53.7% of the votes
    • State House District 28: Kerry Tipper (D) with 58.5% of the votes
    • State House District 29: Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D) with 58.2% of the votes
  • Amendments:
    • A (prohibiting slavery): Passed with 67.6% of the votes YES
    • V (reducing assembly age from 25 to 21): Did not pass with 65.2% of the votes NO
    • 75 (enlarge the campaign fund limits): Did not pass with 65.3% of the votes NO
    • X (redefine definition of industrial hemp): Passed with 61.8% of the votes YES
    • 73 (tax increase for schools largely coming from people making more than $150,000 annually): Did not pass with 52.8% of the votes NO
    • Proposition 109 (Bonds to fund statewide transportation projects): Did not pass with 58.7% of votes NO
    • Proposition 110 (Raising sales tax by 0.62 percent to fund transportation projects): Did not pass with 56.9% of votes NO
    • Proposition 111 (Reducing annual interest on payday loans): Passed with 75.4% of votes YES
    • Proposition 112 (Requiring 2500 ft of distance between oil drilling sites and occupied buildings): Did not pass with 57.6% of votes NO