The Grammys and the Impact of Music


Freshman Becca Straughan listening to Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar on her way to class.

Emme Clymer, Inspiration Station Editor

The Sixty-First Annual Grammy Awards recently aired on Sunday, February 10th. The Grammys happen annually, honoring musical achievements of the previous year. It has always been a highly anticipated event, but why are these awards so important to the general population? For artists, a Grammy can create opportunities and help them to get their music out there, but why does music mean so much to people everywhere, and not just to the artists who create it?

Freshman Maddie Flanagan has a strong and personal connection to music. “I don’t know who I would be without the influence of music,” she said. Flanagan’s favorite band, Twenty One Pilots, has helped her get through a rough patch in her life. “I listened to music almost constantly, and I think it was what saved me.” Listening to music can also be comforting, lyrics can relate to the listener and make them feel less alone in dark times. Not only did music encourage Maddie through a dark time in her life, but it inspired her to take up hobbies such as writing and playing music.

Music has also impacted freshman Becca Straughan in a positive way.  “Music can change my mood instantly and I can’t go one day without listening to some of my favorite songs.”  Becca likes listening to music that makes her happy because it can take her mind off of something that is bothering her. Faster or more upbeat songs can make a person more alert or positive, while slower songs can help relieve stress and calm down.

Freshman Sam Pierce said music helps her relax and refocus. “Music has really helped me deal with stress and get through hard things in life.” Listening to slower, calmer music while studying or doing homework can help people focus on the task at hand as it does for Pierce.

Events such as the Grammys highlight the fact that music, in general, brings people together. Whether it’s rap, country, jazz or heavy metal, we are still able to come together through music. The Grammys bring people with different music taste together to award and celebrate music and how it improves everybody’s lives.