Relevancy of Superhero Movies

Ashley Easter, Staff Writer

Many people enjoy superhero movies, due to the many aspects of the movie that not many people can put in a movie. The movies have action, comedy, and have us on the edge of our seats while watching the movies.

Junior Gina Stolper said, “I do because it’s interesting and that there’s lots of action, and good vs evil,” because we get to see more to the characters on the screen, more than we see on the pages of the comic books.

Sophomore Kathryn Powell said, ”Yes, because the plot is easy to follow, and allow humor and drama to add in easily”, making it so that it can fit into the plot, and making the movies kid friendly.

Junior Lauren Johnson said, “I love superhero hero movies because it packs with so much action and drama,”
Along with the character development that has grown throughout the years, the costumes. it so compact just to see them fight, and get all the action. From the comic books and being able to see them on the screen and get developed.
It seems that most people enjoy superhero movies, because of what the actors, directors, and creators of the superhero are coming together. they work together, so that the audience, has a good time watching the roller coaster ride of a plot. Along with the easter eggs hidden throughout the movie.

Stolper said, “it’s got more action and suspense,”, like Aquaman when the audience was on the edge of their seats, waiting for one of the biggest fights of DC’s cinematic time. The fight between brothers, one who’s evil and wants uplanders to suffer, and one who fights for everyone.

Powell said, “everything, especially the fourth wall because the fourth wall usually allows for further explanation and humor,” making us, being able to connect with the hero, and being able to see them build up the character.

Powell said, “Make the film more enjoyable and more interaction makes the main character more like a human than some untouchable superhero.” The director wants to expand and break that fourth wall. The fourth wall is when a performance convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience. While the audience can see through this “wall”, the convention assumes, the actors act as if they cannot. Thanks from the new Infinity war, there’s lots of talk about if Thanos is evil or not, and we like that the director is breaking that wall so that we can get more of the character.

Johnson said, “they’re packed with so much action and drama, it brings it all together,” because the director wants the audience to enjoy the movies, and not just think its another superhero movie. Throughout the years, we’ve seen good DC movies like Wonder Woman, and good Marvel movies like Avengers Infinity War. Superhero movies are expanding, when we watch the movies we get a thrill of adventure and some comedy.

Many superhero influences many people young or old, and putting a few life lessons into the movies so that we can learn and be better people. Powell said “influences to raise their kids better because they realize how they don’t want their children to be.” as an example.

Powell said, “so they alter their parenting in order to avoid the Deadpool outcome.” When parents watch a movie like Deadpool they wonder if their kid gonna turn out like that, and they also just want the best for their kids. They want to change how they raise their kids in the 21st century.

Stolper said, “I believe so because superheroes are great role models because they symbolize hope for a better future and they save the day.” Stolper said “we’re influenced by what we see on tv, and what we like,” because many people look up to superheroes or actors.

Johnson said, “I think some of them could impact people, it can give someone, for instance, a small kid hope that there is someone that could save the day.” It gives them hope that their someone out there who can help them, and keep them safe.

Powell said, “it is made up, but it can bring a smile and hope to someone.” Many kids look up to superheroes because they have powers, and want to be like them one day. There are probably a few people who want to spend a day with a hero and ask them many questions about being a hero.

Heroes tend to influence us in ways we probably don’t know. The director making the movies so enjoyable for us to watch that we can’t wait for more superhero movies to come out for us to enjoy the exciting story brought to us.