Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant Review

Casey Holtzman, Editor

Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant is a lively place that serves incredible authentic Mexican food, with a busy and bustling feel.

The food is arguably the best part about Tequilas. Every time you go, you’re immediately graced with toasty tortilla chips and a pickled cabbage dip along with tomato salsa. The cabbage dip is briny and spicy, almost like a Mexican version of kimchi. About 20 minutes after being seated and given the appetizers, our server came and took our orders. Not even 20 more minutes after that, our entrees came out, piping hot and perfectly cooked. I ordered the chicken enchiladas with cheese, Spanish rice, and refried beans. The rice was tender and soft along with the beans, and the enchiladas were crunchy, yet gooey like fondue with spicy seasoned chicken to complement the richness. It tasted absolutely phenomenal and warmed me up for a cold night.

If the food didn’t make me happy, then the staff sure did the job. Our waitress was kind and attentive, coming back every 5 minutes to check on us before, during, and after we had gotten our food. If there was anything like a drink, napkin, or a second opinion on something, she was ready to help.

The atmosphere of Tequila’s is small and almost always crowded with people, so having a peaceful, quiet dining experience wasn’t really in the picture. On any night of the week, it’s almost always busy, so trying to be seated quickly was a struggle. We waited 40 minutes to be seated, which was way longer than I wanted to wait. The most distracting part was the noise level inside. It was very hard to try to hold a conversation when I could barely hear anything. Despite the noise and space, the food and friendly staff outweighed the cons.

Tequila’s is not just an amazing Mexican restaurant, but an extremely enjoyable establishment overall. I would highly recommend going to this restaurant on your next night or when you’re really hankering for some good Mexican food.