Girls swim and Dive

Ashley Easter

Ralston Valley won its third state diving championship this year. Kylie Sellers won state for Ralston in 2007 and 2009, and Raleigh Williams won state for Ralston in 2009. This year Isabel Gregersen won the state championship for Ralston Valley.
Ralston Valley dive coach Mr. Kevin Stage said, “No other team in any of the three classifications had more than four divers qualified to State. Ralston Valley had six divers this season at the State Championships, while last year seven qualified. Sophie Trudell has a great career ahead of her and should qualify again for State the next two seasons.” Kelly Heald dove very well through the first eight dives, but found herself virtually tied with teammate Payton Roberts for the last spot getting into finals, Kelly was 21st and Payton was 20th.
The Championship was exciting for the team. Payton dove well enough to move up to 17th, Jordan dove well enough to make the Top 10, and Izzy dove well enough to win her first State Championship.
The Ralston Valley dive team did very well, and everyone is happy and proud of what the girls did this season, junior Isabel Gregersen said.
“ We had six qualify for State (Payton Roberts, Jordan Okamoto, Gigi Borghi, Kelly Heald, Sophie Trudell, Izzy Gregersen). We had a great season, so it was awesome that so many of us divers qualified for state.” The team is extremely proud that Izzy Gregersen won state diving for us this season Sophomore Jordan Okamoto said.
“She had won state, I took 10th.” Everyone hopes that Isabel can qualify for state next year and get Ralston Valley another win, for the team Kevin Stage extremely proud of what Izzy did this year. He is proud of all the Ralston Valley girls that he coached throughout the years at Rv, Mr. Sage said, “This is by far the best high school diving team the State of Colorado has ever seen. I keep a complete database of all the diving scores of all RV Divers in the history of Ralston Valley. Eleven of the Top 20 All-Time are from this season (Izzy, Jojo, Payton, Kelly, Gigi, Sophie, Sierra Kouga, Audrey Brandt, Lydia Bashford, Claire Bashford, and Isabelle Sneller), and six of those girls return for diving next year! Kelly Heald combined to set the all-time Jeffco League Diving Relay record.”