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In the Time of COVID-19


Emme Clymer, Editor

Upon finding out about the coronavirus, my friends and I brushed it off. Sure, I was empathetic for the citizens of China whose lives were flipped upside down, but it had not directly changed our community or my life. I was immediately reminded of when Ebola had broken out, and how though that was a very serious and deadly disease, it didn’t change my life or anyone I knew in a big way. So, assum...


Frances Ross, Writer

When talk of the coronavirus started to pop up in the news and media, I just assumed it to be unfortunate but unimpactful to my day to day life so I just brushed the news aside. I was getting my grades on track and feeling good about where things were going. And then everything hit the fan. What seemed like it was only light media coverage and news reports turned into a worldwide pandemic. Well, it...

The Elderly in Danger

Brady Plant, Writer

The Coronavirus is a danger to all, but it's most dangerous to the elderly. I live with my grandparents and my biggest worry during this whole crisis is the possibility of them getting infected and possibly dying. With this Virus, the elderly are the greatest risk, that is why elderly homes are being closed to visitors and they can't see each other. “older adults and people of any age who hav...

The Behavior Change Due to the Wildly Spreading Pandemic

Gabby Hartman, Social Media Editor

With everything that is going on with the coronavirus pandemic, it feels as though we are all going through an altered reality. It feels just like a dream and that soon we will wake up and everything will be back to normal. I think a lot of people also feel this way, as I have not only heard that statement on numerous occasions but I have also witnessed a change in behavior among our people. This massi...

Life of Quarantine (U*rtwhy5iyjothlg)

Connor Lay, Writer

Because of the rise of coronavirus cases here in Colorado, many people are social distancing and quarantining themselves to their homes. For a typical high school student, it looks a little like this: I try to wake up anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30 and immediately do my online attendance so I don’t get marked as absent (something I almost forgot to do on the fourth day of online schooling whoops). Aft...

The Empty Street


March 12th was probably the weirdest day of my life. Like most people, I thought COVID-19 was just a really interesting piece of news. After all, it has a low death rate, and people my age aren’t susceptible. I am an avid news reader (for better or for worse) and I thought that this was just a fascinating if not grim reassurance that we are still human and vulnerable despite our advancements as a soc...


Ryan Johnson, Writer

Snow falling on empty streets with little tire tracks leaving the neighborhood. That is the view I see outside my window. With mass hysteria and laws against big crowds becoming more and more prevalent, small streets like mine have become empty. Before the outbreak, I had made a deal with myself to be outside for an hour each day. I had been doing this for about a week before school was moved to onl...