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The Behavior Change Due to the Wildly Spreading Pandemic

With everything that is going on with the coronavirus pandemic, it feels as though we are all going through an altered reality. It feels just like a dream and that soon we will wake up and everything will be back to normal. I think a lot of people also feel this way, as I have not only heard that statement on numerous occasions but I have also witnessed a change in behavior among our people.

This massive outbreak didn’t seem like a big deal until the whole state has basically been put on lockdown. People including me were very naive when it came to how serious this situation was. It is also very noticeable that we have all taken for granted the freedom that we do have. We can go wherever to fit our needs whether it is eating out at a local restaurant, work or school, and even places for entertainment. Ever since that has been taken away from us to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, many families have started going outside taking their dogs on walks, riding their bikes, and going to the park. While I think that the outbreak is horrific I feel like it has opened our eyes to see and embrace the outdoors and all of its activities because we have been so focused on our manmade society when we have something that is enjoyable for anyone, nature.

I have also noticed that people, even I, have started to take hygiene very seriously like washing our hands and not touching our faces. Sometimes we don’t think about how many people touch the things we touch. This is part of the reason sickness spreads very quickly. This virus has reminded us that we do need to be taking care of our hygiene more than we do. People have caught onto this very quickly and even stop themselves from touching their face without putting hand sanitizer on.

The other major behavior change that I have noticed is the mass hysteria occurring in the grocery stores. Ever since there has been talk that the country is getting put into shut down, people have felt the need to rush to the grocery stores and must grab enough food for a month’s living. While it makes sense that people would feel the need to stalk up on food, however, it has prevented others from buying the necessary groceries for the week. I have only noticed this need for hoarding food ever since this outbreak has started.

While the future is uncertain, I think taking a break from the hustle and bustle of every day’s economy is relieving and has started to open up our eyes and see look at what we take for granted.