Small Business Spotlight – Ralston Creek CrossFit


Miguel Tanner, Staff Writer

You always hear the phrase, “Support small businesses!” or, “eat/shop local!”, but how important really are these things. Shopping at local businesses all over Colorado offers various benefits compared to shopping and larger corporations. Small businesses are much better for the environment as they leave a smaller carbon footprint than big corporations that produce a lot of waste. Plus shopping local keeps the money you’re spending in your community and gives you a unique experience every time you walk through the door.

Covid-19 has been detrimental to everyone across Arvada, and Colorado as a whole. Businesses and establishments of all kinds have been taking hits since the beginning of the pandemic. While the pandemic has affected all facets of life, locally owned and small businesses have been struggling the most. Across the country, just 34 percent of small business owners said that their operations are currently profitable. Plus small-business have had to shed nearly 2.8 million jobs. As time passes, and we begin to adjust to the current state of the nation, many small businesses are still afloat, making the most of these troubling times. One of these local businesses is Ralston Creek crossfit, a local crossfit gym in Arvada.

Ralston Creek crossfit is a very nice gym located off of Indiana and 72nd avenue. As you enter the gym you are greeted with a very nice front office and lobby with various places to sit and sign in. As you proceed into the gym there are two main parts to it, lots of racks for barbells and tons of other various exercise equipment. As you walk into the gym on the left there are racks and rowers and bars, meanwhile, on the right, there is another big rack for barbells, a rack of dumbells with various weights, weighted balls, and wall balls. In the gym, there are two big garage doors one in the front and one in the back to let the fresh air in on nice days. Ralston Creek crossfit member and senior Jake Mcdaniel said, “I love working out here. We have such a tight-knit community and the coaches help me reach my highest potential.”

The workouts at Ralston Creek crossfit are split into 3 main parts consisting of a warmup, a strength component, and the main workout. The workouts differ depending on the days, and will change exercises, and train different muscle groups on different days. They offer these workout classes at various times throughout each day, and they also have an open gym for those who like to work out on their own.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has affected Ralston Creek Crossfit just as much as everyone else. Masks are of course required upon entry and during the workouts, plus many other things have changed with covid. Ralston Creek crossfit owner and coach Jeremy

 Strawn explained that  Ralston Creek Crossfit now offers virtual programs for its guests that don’t quite feel comfortable in a gym. Plus, the in-person programs have been changed to accommodate for social distancing and other covid regulations. Keeping members and staying open has been a struggle, coach Strawn explained, “… in gyms, we have seen a large decrease in members overall.” Along with this, the coaches at the gym have been forced to change up their coaching techniques to make online workouts practical while frequently cleaning the gym in order to keep things as safe as possible. They were also held to limited capacity which now offers more people but is still limited.

Ralston Creek Crossfit is a very unique gym and experience. As soon as you walk through the doors it feels like you are a part of a family. The coaches and other members are all so kind and supportive, making it very easy to focus on working out and not worrying about anything else. The coaches truly make this gym unique, as they helped me numerous times and improved my weightlifting performance, endurance, and overall health.  I would recommend Ralston Creek Crossfit to anyone who wants a solid, hard workout, while still having a good time.