Mini Mustangs in Training

As the Mini-Mustangs go through training to perform for the school, it can often be a mess, but it comes together in the end.

Lauren Owens, Staff Writer

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Mini Mustangs is a cheerleading camp organized and ran by the Ralston Valley Cheerleading program. Each girl (or boy) is dropped off for an evening of excitement for three days. The camp this year started Tuesday the 12th to Friday the 15th at the basketball game.


The Mini Mustangs are all full of excitement as they enter the cafeteria. The older cheerleaders help get everything set up and start games with the first few kids. When everyone has arrived, the kids get called into a circle. Over the course of three days, the kids learn a dance, a cheer, and three sidelines. They start by splitting into groups by age and the fun begins.


The kids are almost finished learning everything. The cheerleaders are always glad to help each child individually to improve their skills. After they review in small groups, everyone gathers into a big circle together. There is spiriting and excitement and the kids are already beginning to look like real cheerleaders.


The game has arrived! The kids are super rowdy but everyone makes it into the gym safely. All the Mini Mustangs and the cheerleaders cheer for our team. Everyone spirits and jump and screams. There are so many people and the adrenaline is high. At half time, the kids preform. They start with the sidelines, followed by the cheer, followed by the dance. The kids are louder than ever and their parents have the chance to video tape the event. At the end, everyone gets candy and a chance to watch the end of the game. It was a success, and the Ralston Valley Cheerleading program got complemented multiple times on how well handled the kids were. We made them feel comfortable and at home the entire time.


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Mini Mustangs in Training