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The New Generation of Makeup

The New Generation of Makeup

Katie Resendez, Student
November 19, 2020
A Time For a Change

A Time For a Change

Emma Barr
November 19, 2020
Research suggests that dogs have an uncanny ability to positively influence health and relieve stress. A recent study from Tufts University showed that a relationship with companion animals are beneficial, especially during times of stress. We all know how stressful school/work can be at home, so having our pets as company can be very relaxing and could even lead to better grades. 
Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets
76% of people said they could cope with everyday life much better thanks to their pets in a recent study from the Mental Health Foundation

The Benefits of Having a Pet During Online School

Bianca Terrazas, Allyson Lowe, and Katie Resendez
October 22, 2020
Some students have reacted negatively to working at home alone throughout quarantine, and have experienced depression. At home learning has created a feeling of loneliness and isolation from their peers for certain Ralston Valley students.

Suicide Prevention

Noah Smith, Emilee Minor, Veronica Lloyd
October 7, 2020
In the Time  of COVID-19

In the Time of COVID-19

April 8, 2020

Dangers of After Parties

Brady Plant, Writer
March 13, 2020
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