Schooling from Home


Philip Ruch

Online school is only hard because of how boring it can be. The workload is lighter, the teachers are nicer and the sleep lasts longer yet the monotonous feel of online school makes learning much more of a chore. Chores are not hard daily tasks but making them easier is always a priority. In the same way, making online school easier or more bearable is high on the to-do list. 

During class, it can be hard to stay engaged. The seemingly limitless distractions make paying attention harder than it should be. That is where engaging in limited distractions comes in handy. Having a small something to mess with in class that does not include a cellphone can be really helpful. The idea of fidget toys may have reached its peak 4 years too early as many students at Ralston valley use stress balls, keychains, tactile buttons, and other gadgets to stay engaged. 

Breaking the cycle is huge. A boring day is a bad day and sitting in the same spot all morning is one of the best ways to ensure a bad day has come. Luckily, students while at home are given a lot of time in between classes which can be filled with any number of activities. Abby Welch, a Senior uses the breaks to stay active, “I often have mini dance parties in between classes … it’s good to get the blood flowing.” Getting away from the computer is the main thing during online school. Food is an easy excuse to get away from the computer and as it turns out toast, especially medium to dark toast, is a common snack among students. 

Luckily, before there was a quarantine home school did exist. Students for years have worked from home and done so in a successful manner. Consequently, homeschoolers have a lot of valuable information about schooling while at home. One point many home school moms harp on is the need for designated learning spaces. According to home home learning spaces “allow for better organization and …compartmentalization for students”. Anyone who works from home knows organization and compartmentalization are key components to maintaining the work-life balance. 

Online school is not something most would call enjoyable. Having said that the adaptability it brings out has a lot of untapped potential.