A Time For a Change


Emma Barr

As the year comes to an end the most special times are put to a halt. No Christmas, no Thanksgiving, just quarantine. Yes, we are finding ourselves in a time of uncertainty and anxiety but we don’t need to live like this, especially during the most wonderful times of the year. 

Spending time with those you love and enjoying the moments which could last a lifetime are some of the most important and meaningful things life has to offer. “My grandma and aunt would fly out for thanksgiving, and for Christmas, we would go to California to see my mom’s side of the family but, I don’t know if that is happening this year,” said freshmen Sierra Bonner. So why should we put these traditions and quality times to rest? A pandemic can’t hold back every little thing, ever since this has started time has felt like it was put on pause and the resume button has been locked, every day is like groundhog day, nothing new, nothing unordinary. This doesn’t have to be the “normal” there are other ways to get around this issue and overcome these troubling times. 

Protocols state that you must maintain 6 feet from any individual you come in contact with this means seeing relatives can come with some difficulties, you must wear a mask- unless you are outside and 6 feet apart. A way to get around that is having a tailgating picnic. Your family plans to meet up in an empty parking lot (schools would be a great idea during the break, no one will be around and the lot should be clear of any cars). Everyone brings their own foods- these can be treats and appetizers you and your family have been making for years, this way it still feels like home. Talking will get boring after a while so coordinate games that can be played with multiple people, that don’t involve touching each other or getting past that 6-foot bubble. A good game to play is Yahtzee, no need to spread any virus if you and your little cohort can just stay in your car.

Christmas and thanksgiving tend to bring nice chilly weather, what’s a better way to get around the freezing temperatures than to zoom in with family. Just like tailgating, bring foods and treats that have meaning behind them, “We won’t be able to go see my family in Minnesota this year just because of all the people traveling already, but we’re still going to go bake and enjoy the other stuff we do normally” said freshmen Chloe Morris. Although there’s not that much to do this year from Covid, being able to enjoy traditions that have carried through your family for years is very important. We can’t just wait and hope for this all to end, start taking some risks, enjoy the time that we have, make sure that those protocols are being followed! Over zoom you will be able to talk and be face to face with family and friends, over a screen, of course, that’s better than nothing. You will be able to converse, eat, gossip, and even play games. Cards are a great source, be creative, and find different ways to spend time with all those lovely people you care about and want to spend time with.