The New Generation of Makeup


Katie Resendez, Student

Picture by: Jazmin Quaynor

 Makeup has transitioned throughout society, starting from the 80ś to now, makeup has been used to express ones feeling and to accentuate one’s natural beauty. High school students are one of the main sources for why we wear makeup.  Throughout this article, you will see how makeup has changed over the years for its consumers and the reason why women feel the need to want to wear makeup.


Starting in the 1980ś, makeup was used by men and women to express themselves. They used bright colors and fun patterns, that would be considered overpowering today, as well as big hair to represent who they are. NYX Cosmetics is a well-known makeup brand among teenage girls. They believe in unstoppable self-expression, and that together they empower every proud makeup junkie to live, dream and experiment at a full volume. 

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                   Sophomore, Gabby Hartman said, ¨ I wear makeup for myself. it makes me feel very ready for the day and I feel like I accomplished getting out of bed and making myself look the best that I can.¨ This is a common theme among a lot of females that wear makeup, it´s for themselves.  Junior, Lauren Stanek said,¨I do it because of acne but I think other girls do because it makes them feel better and more confident. I think physically it can make people more attractive and emotionally can make them feel better or can also do the opposite when they’re insecure without it.¨


Wearing makeup can inflict insecurities that most people wouldn’t even think of when they look at the person. Makeup can mask their insecurities so they can live happily and not worry about things that they feel stand out, but once they get home and take off their makeup that they have to live with the thing that they hate. Sophomore, Jackson Ruff said, ¨Personally I’m not a big fan of makeup because I feel like instead of trying to hide something u don’t like u should learn to focus on the positives with yourself instead of the negatives.¨


 Junior, John Sheer,¨I have no issue with Makeup, as long as you don’t use so much that you look completely different, rather just to highlight specific features.¨  Covergirl cosmetics follows some of the same views as John, they believe in authenticity, diversity, and self-expression. From the 2000ś to today, women have used many styles from the past, that help them represent themselves, it could be natural makeup, bright colors, or dark colors to accentuate their eyes, brows, and lips.


Makeup has brought a newfound hobby into women’s lives, they can use it for fun or try on looks for every day or for once every while. Freshman, Allyson Lowe, said, ¨ I wear makeup because I honestly love putting it on, I think it’s fun, and it helps me feel more confident. I think makeup makes people feel prettier and more confident.¨ 

                                                                   Picture By: Laura Chouette


Makeup brands work for this kind of enthusiasm for makeup, they make the softest brushes so women feel that the brands they buy care, they make different shades of makeup to compensate for every ethnicity that wants to wear makeup, and still be able to experience fun colors that will work with their pigments of the skin. E.L.F cosmetics reason to sell their products is that its consumer’s originality is their inspiration. From full-on maximalist to fresh-faced minimalist, they have a product for everyone and every look in between.


¨I think girls wear makeup for a lot of reasons. It could make them feel accomplished for the day, they could try and fit in with the new trends of other girls, some wear it to impress guys, and some to cover up parts of their face they are insecure about. Makeup could give a person confidence or it could tear them down because they feel like they need to wear makeup to be pretty or fit in.¨, Gabby Hartman.


Picture by Emiliono Vittoriosi


 Confidence is a trait that most females find it hard to achieve, makeup is their bridge to climb to reach it. These makeup brands allow them to climb and to reach the top, whether it falls back down when they wash their face at the end of the day. They allow them to experiment, and to find what they want to represent through their makeup. With makeup, they allow themselves to 

attract the attention that they want, and not have the idea people are only looking at their insecurities. ¨I think girls wear make up for self-esteem purposes, and possibly to attract attention to themselves from others¨, John Sheer.


¨Makeup is art, beauty is Spirit¨

Picture by Diana Ruseva