Heading into the Outdoors this Spring


Philip Ruch, feature writer

Summer is rapidly approaching, bringing with it longer days and excellent weather. These wonderful outdoor conditions allow for more quality time outside, which lifts many Coloradans’ spirits. The slopes are no longer the place to go for outdoor entertainment as local parks and trails are greening up, thanks to lovely April showers. Parks are much more enjoyable when they get used; otherwise, they would be unimpressive over-groomed forests. Our local parks can be utilized in many ways including activities such as Disc-golf, Spikeball and if you are so inclined, a stroll through the park. 

  It is easy to overlook one of the most common sports that the Arvada area is set up for, but disc golf has built up quite the presence all around local parks. “ I really enjoy going to Wondervu disc golf,” said senior Erik Horton. “… Places like Memorial Park,  Johnny Roberts Disc Golf Course, and Bird’s nest Disc Golf Course are all within a 10-minute drive from my house.” The accessibility of disc golf is a great reason to get into the sport. The courses are very accessible, one even being here at Ralston Valley! Not only that, but a driver and a putter will only set you back 15 dollars and most courses are free. 

Another sport that is on the rise is spike ball. The game requires just four players, a round net, and enough space to run around. “ I gotta say spikeball is a lot more active than I expected when I first started playing.” Senior Addison Walker claimed. “I look to spend a lot of weekends at Quaker Acres this summer because I really like playing [spikeball]” Parks like Quaker Acres, Shadow Mountain Park, and Moon Gulch Park are great venues for simple games such as Spikeball, as they have ample open space that can be used for just about any type of outdoor game. 

Living in Colorado is commonly accompanied by the beautiful scenery. One of the best ways to immerse in nature is getting out and going for a walk. It is all too important to slow life down a bit and take time to smell the roses. Luckily Arvada has no shortage of accessible walking trails, many being in nearby neighborhoods. That list includes but is not limited to, Ralston Creek Trail, a path that stretches from Westwoods all the way past Simms street that, believe it or not, follows the Ralston Creek, Van Bibber Creek trail, Leyden Creek trail, and many other neighborhood trails that offer up a chance to enjoy the best of Colorado while still being close to home. 

“I try to get a walk-in at least once a week down there.” Hannah Forester, a Colorado native, said, ”I wouldn’t say I moved to this neighborhood for the trail, but it certainly helped.” Arvada offers up some great options for people looking to get their steps in for the day, and It does not have to look the same every time. With all the local trails to chose from and Colorado offering up all four seasons in full, it is hard to complain about the scenery never changes. 

Spring doesn’t have to mean abandoning the mountains. Resorts like A-basin are notorious for staying open deep into June as they often times try to squeeze every last ounce of usable snow out of the mountain. Spring skiing is often associated with warmer weather, slushy conditions, and the all to the popular tradition of pond skimming, which resorts will often do non the last day of their season. Spring skiing still can bring in the crowds that a fresh powder day can, as spring break is one of the busiest weeks for the many resorts. 

“There is almost nothing better than spring riding,” Erik Horton said,” It’s never cold, and you get soft slushy snow that rides really fast.” These conditions are preferred by many people, especially younger skiers who do not fare well in the cold. “The mountain is much more crowded than you might expect, but during the week, the slopes are wide open.” 

Spring is a beautiful time built for both change and growth. This change can be delightful. Far too many people pass up on the opportunities local parks offer despite their affordable fun. All it takes is the utilization of local resources.