A Day on the Mountain

Katie Resendez, Writer

Cheyanne Kerns, a Junior for the Jeffco Alpine Ski Team adding to the excitement that snow has come to Loveland Ski Resort said, “We’ve gotten a few storms that have brought some nice snow!”


Karri Reimers has been up snowboarding every weekend since the middle of January, “The snow has been very good recently, and it’s fun to snowboard with my daughter and create memories.”


From the snowfall on January 7th, 2021, Loveland Pass has gotten close to 30 inches.


Reimers said, “Snowboarding is an escape from the work that we deal with every day, and getting on the mountain sure does make you feel less stressed.”


The snow has created more boarders and skiers to ride the slopes creating longer lines at Loveland. The workers are making the lines flow efficiently and safely creating a great atmosphere to be around.


With the recent snowstorms rolling through is smart to remember to check the weather before you hit the slopes. With strong winds that have closed lifts before this season, be prepared to have to reschedule to a day with better weather.


While skiing and snowboarding are really fun right now. It is important to have the right safety equipment to go down the mountain, so remember your helmet and face mask.


Junior Luke Resendez has been boarding for almost 6 years. He said, “The snow has been great. It makes snowboarding fun when you’re gliding through powder and it makes going off jumps even more fun.”