Preparing for Practice

Abby Gillam, Entertainment Editor

We all know how it feels to anticipate an upcoming event. Getting the butterflies before a life-changing moment is a soon-to-be feeling for a lot of student-athletes preparing for sports tryouts.


“I’m nervous, but I’m so ready. I’ve been working on my skills and now it’s all up to the coach,” Nick Gates, a freshman at Ralston Valley, said on preparing for the lacrosse pre-season.


Nerves play a big part in trying out for any sport but preparing well before tryouts goes a long ways toward elevating those nerves.


“Using training I get from other sports and just working on my skills as much as I can with other people and while I’m by myself helps me prepare,” Gates added.


When using other people to help you prepare for tryouts helps you learn skills to prepare themselves, when working with a team.


“I’m just nervous on how I’m going to give 100% on my school work and 100% in the water,”  Gracie Moran said, a freshman who’s trying out for swimming. “It’s very draining.”


The balance between school and sports is a struggle among all student-athletes. Trying to keep your grades up and also practicing every night and then the pressure of home, social, and relationships is really hard to keep up with.


“I think if you really want it you can make it work. It’s all about your mindset and pushing yourself to do everything you love,” Moran says. “Yes, it may be hard, but what isn’t? This is just another thing to work on.”


We all have harder things in life that are worth it in the end if we stick with them even though they are hard to work on at the moment but doing a sport is very beneficial to students in high school.


As these students keep preparing for their moment, the coaches have a difficult decision coming up on who they want on the team.