Black Friday v.s. Cyber Monday

Dylann Hudson, writer

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Christmas is just around the corner which means the shopping madness begins. But with technology, today, do we even need to “go” shopping? With deals on Cyber Monday, most people would rather be in the comfort of their home.

According to WMC5 action news, “75 million people expected to shop on Cyber Monday…black Friday morning was mostly quiet across the mid-south. There were no lines and no waiting at Tanger outlet in Southaven.”

People are starting to convert more towards online shopping because it’s more convenient but many wonder if we are starting to lose social interactions.

Mercer Schulte, a freshman attending Grapevine High school thinks otherwise. “Cyber Monday is better than Black Friday. A lot less violence and further away from Thanksgiving. I think it is a good way for companies to get rid of old inventory.”

While people should be going out and interacting, there is an upside to shopping online as Mercer states. It is very efficient and less time-consuming. There are no lines, no crowding, and there is a pretty good chance they will be in stock on almost everything.

“I think online shopping is smart. More accessible and convenient. It also helps companies make more money for instance, in shipping costs. Online shopping fits in with society today. Everyone is too lazy to get out of their house and go shopping or they just don’t have time.” says Mercer.

Computers are starting to change our society, with technology advancing faster than we can keep up, people never stop using it. It’s hard for our society to even survive without it now. So people find a way to make more money out of it, and everything on the internet costs money. To even get internet costs money.

“Most of my Christmas shopping is online because I don’t have a car to go out and buy stuff with,” says Mercer.

In the end, as we become more technologically advanced, we are starting to pull away from our old habits.

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