The most Familial Time of the Year

Kassie Spring, writer

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As the Holiday season approaches, many students at Ralston Valley are beginning to feel the excitement Christmas brings, thus revealing their true feelings towards Christmas and how their interpretation of Christmas has changed from being a young kid, to a modern-day teen. The meaning of Christmas for teens is often twisted by the media and young people have been labeled as technology craving and ungrateful individuals, but Ralston Valley breaks that stereotype with flying colors!

Madi Bjorlow, a senior, states that, “[Christmas] it’s more about celebrating with the people who are there for you and who have been with you through thick and thin.” While she does enjoy receiving gifts and giving gifts, she explained that the ¨holiday spirit¨ and joys of Christmas is what allows her to enjoy the holiday season.

Quinn Fitzgerald and Shannon Jones, both sophomores at Ralston Valley, explained that they look forward to seeing their family the most. Quinn Fitzgerald said, “I get so excited for Christmas. Christmas time is such a happy time because I have so many good memories associated with it and I get to see my family and hang out with them. The vibe of Christmas, I just love it!” While Shannon looks forward to, “being together with my [her] family.” The magic Christmas air gives the halls at Ralston Valley a cheerful spirit.

The holiday season created for high school students now is stressful as finals approach and grades are being solidified. “I just want everyone to relax because I know school can be stressful and just have a fun and relaxed holiday with their family,” Fitzgerald stated as she reflected on what her main wish for Christmas was. “Christmas went from being kind of magic and waiting for Santa, to being a moment of togetherness. It’s less of a superficial thing now and it changed to an actual real magic,” Shannon Jones stated. The importance to look at the less superficial things is crucial during the holiday season, especially as high schoolers realize their time at home is waning.

The importance of Christmas has changed significantly for high school students, especially within the walls of Ralston Valley High School. As the holiday season continually approaches individuals must be reminded of the sweet innocence of Christmas and the importance of appreciating the things they already have within their lives.

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