Big Lights, Big Productions, Big Fish

Taylor Martinez, Entertainment Editor

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Be sure to check the musical out on March 13th at 7:00 pm for their first performance.

Ralston Valley presents, Big Fish. A father-son story plot that sends the audience through an exploit of tall tales.

After conflict resulting in the father (Edward) and son (William) to stop communicating for a period of time; William comes to find that his father Edward is ill. Edward moves in with William, resulting in the two forming a bond and Edward thus explaining his roller coaster of a childhood

“It’s nothing I’ve seen before, I’m so pumped!” freshman cast member Harper Saxon said.

Director T.J Thomas said that a few of the reasons he decided on this musical was, “We wanted something more modern. The plot is very enjoyable and also there is a lot of chorus involved.” 

Mr. Thomas explained that some of the main challenges they will face in Big Fish. “Having to do ‘over-the-top’ fantasy, the crazy story, and characters. It’ll also be hard to engage the audience with the big story, using exaggeration, and the visual elements”

Freshman Harper Saxon is the first freshman to get a call back after auditioning for Big Fish. She felt, “Really proud and excited about my first year working with the RVHS theater!” Saxon also stated that she felt that Big Fish will “bring me more experience in theater with people that have had past experience and another fun time to be on stage.”

Saxon landed a part in the chorus girl group that is the main character’s best friends. 

Connor Quinn, a senior at RV who got a part in the chorus production.

Quinn said, “It’s a grand show and I’m glad it gets to be my last production with RVHS.”

After being asked if there was any pressure of being a senior in the play in comparison to the other cast members, Quinn explains that he has, “more support then pressure.”

Be sure to get your tickets for this adventurous story. Join Harper, Connor, and the Cast as they go through this exhilarating performance!

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