Raising Hope in Youth

Taylor Martinez, Entertainment Section Editor

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There is a national epidemic that surrounds us today and those rates are only rising. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in people between the ages of 15-44 in the state of Colorado. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in 2018 Colorado had a total of 1,168 people commit suicide.

The Robbie’s Hope Foundation was created in 2018 after the tragedy of Jason and Kari Eckert losing their son Robbie Eckert, to suicide at the age of fifteen.

Following the event, Mr. and Mrs. Eckert and friends came to devote time in order to start up a foundation that would help support local mental health resources; helping the suicide and depression rates of teens decrease.  

Senior Lizzie Becker, a family friend of the Eckerts, is heavily involved in fundraising for the foundation. The goal of the foundation is to “decrease teen suicide by 50% by the year 2028” but also, “to instigate conversation around mental health and to give the message of hope.”

Sophomore Hannah Wochner, another invested member of the foundation, said, “So many people today are committing suicide and things need to take action.” Her favorite aspect of  being a part of the foundation is, “The fact that we are doing something to change mental health.”

The Foundation’s members meet every two weeks in Golden. Becker said that their discussions are about the future plans of the Foundation. “What we want to do with future events, what’s going on in our lives, and how we can better our lives.”

RV Sophomore Brianna Fay said, “We are on a team of five to ten people. Each team does a fundraising event and tries to raise as much money as we can.”

There are consistent fundraisers that go on in order to raise money. Becker said that there was a drive fundraiser that happened “from January first to February tenth” but not only that, they have planned tons of fundraisers for the future.

April 28 there is a Hope Run 5K where all proceeds will go directly to the Robbie’s Hope Foundation. Plans are also in the works for a golf tournament this summer.

If you or anyone you know is interested in donating or becoming a member of the foundation, be sure to check out their website, https://robbies-hope.com/.

Becker said the best way to get in contact is to follow Robbie’s Hope Instagram robbieshope1 or hopefull_drive. “We are always open to having more people involved.” They can also be found on Facebook.

Taylor Martinez
Lizzie Becker, RV student stands in the hall proudly showing off the website of Robbie’s Hope Foundation.