Getting to Know Mrs. Buenning

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Lauren Sissom, Social Media Editor

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A simple task like holding the door for students every day, rain or shine, Mrs. Mica Buenning has had a huge impact on Ralston Valley’s culture. The first female principal in RV’s history, Mrs. Buenning has made it her mission to provide more pathways for students who will have the chance to, as she said, “work in the field, by creating classes and funding to support students and their growth, by helping clearer path for careers.”

In her first year as Ralston Valley’s Principal, Mrs. Buenning said she has enjoyed “getting to be part of the whole student body and participate in all the activities.” From enjoying basketball games to musicals, Mrs. Buenning is glad to call RV home, because of “how hard everyone works at Ralston Valley it’s amazing how strong our students are.”

Mrs. Buenning describes her position as “rewarding,” and says, “it’s an honor. I am very proud to represent Ralston Valley.”  Although the role of a high school principal seems intimidating, Mrs. Buenning goes into every situation with a growth mindset. Regarding her roles as Ralston Valley’s principal, Mrs. Buenning said, “the everyday learning and helping be a ‘sense maker’ for the party that needs to understand by helping people understand the why. It’s ongoing learning and growth that I’ll have for the rest of my life.”

As the first female principal in RV’s history, she had a lot to say about her role and her plans for RV’s future. She says there have been “No challenges or push backs, but there is always going to be barriers: it’s about how far can you jump over it.” She is incredibly supportive of women in the workplace, as well as not letting anyone or anything, even something as little as gender, hold you back from your success. “Know that there will be people that will tell you can’t do that: go around them. Do what you want to do. There will always be someone. Inner strength reminds you your morals and strength. Believe in yourself. Anticipate for that person doubting you and don’t believe it.”

As a principal, she has made so many connections with students and staff. Mr. Pergola shared an amazing story about the time he challenged Mrs. Buenning to a game of PIG. Their game went on for a while and Pergola was racking up points. He soon found out that Buenning wasn’t going to walk away until she won a round. Pergola wanted the students to know that if you want to get to know Mrs. Buenning challenge her to a game of PIG, but be aware of her competitive side.

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Getting to Know Mrs. Buenning