Ditch the Norm and Save a Couple “Bucks”

Lauren Sissom, Social Media Editor

Walking into Two Rivers Coffee Roasters, an overwhelming sense of community fills the air, as staff greets customers by first name and have customers chatting among themselves. “Serving the community starts with taking care of the staff first,” said Eric Yochim, Two Rivers Coffee Roaster’s owner, sharing about the best parts of owning and running a local coffee shop. “Being able to watch the community grow up, I’ve watched the children in the parent’s arms to when they’re old enough to look over the counter.” Including the community has become a huge part of Two River’s goals and being able to participate and creating an environment for everyone in the area.

With a growing community comes a growing need and want for coffee. “We’re opening a new roasting site and will be able to serve a bigger audience,” Yochim said his ideal future plans for Two Rivers. “With this roasting sight we will be able to serve a larger community, and create more careers with a successful business comes a successful community.”  

When asked about shopping locally, Yochim said, “I’m a huge fan. A business with integrity leads to growth culturally. How and where we spend our money creates a rich community, and speaks to what we value as a whole” he believes the business owners “in a community are looked at to raise the village, by creating sustainability, a smaller footprint, and impact on the world in culture and community.”

With all this talk about community, Yochim said,  “Two Rivers is working with Arvada High School and is finding new ways to provide for the school.” With the amount of product being made in shop, there is a lot of waste; “we’re donating to the homeless with the extra food that is perfectly fine that would otherwise go to waste.”

Yochim encourages everyone to try Two River’s specialty coffee which is some of the rarest in the world. The black coffee is an experience that Yochim swears by, encouraging everyone to “ask the staff and try something new. We have turned a lot of people’s favorite into black coffee.” If you’re looking for something more sweet and savory, try their Sea Salt Mocha, or the Lavender Honey Latte. Yochim is looking forward to “expanding our food menu with more brunch and lunch ideas.”

“I hope that students feel like they have a place to study and a place to be. We welcome everyone and are creating plans to expand our store with more seating.”  So the next time you’re going for a coffee run, stop by Two Rivers and tell them Lauren sent you!