Let Us Celebrate Together!

Morgan Wall, Student Life Section Editor

It’s that time of year again, and graduation is right around the corner! A time for the 2019 senior class to come together with family and friends in celebration of all the hard work that has been accomplished over the last four years.

Ralston Valley HS does not solely focus on the ceremony aspect of graduation alone but also the traditions that make our school special. Assistant Principal Mark Litzau discloses that the RV traditions include: “the assembly, graduation practice, senior picnic, ceremony announcing the department award winners and honor graduates; always held the night before graduation.”

However, traditions change as time lapses, and RVHS has certainly partaken in this change. “The senior scholarships and awards ceremony has evolved a bit over the years and currently include the recognition of the seniors with the top ten weighted grade point averages,” continues Litzau.

The most memorable traditions that the RVHS graduating classes has and continues to look forward to, is the decision of the faculty guest speaker at the ceremony. Year after year, RVHS has held the ceremony at the CU Events Center and has concluded that the location will continue to stay the same moving forward as Mrs. Schrader speaks at this year’s ceremony as faculty speaker.

RVHS is not alone in the customs connected to the graduating class. Pomona High School shares commonalities in the celebration of their graduating students. “We have a Senior BBQ, Senior Tea, Paper Toss on their last day of school where they throw all of their papers in the air, seniors last rally, Academic Awards, announcement of all of the award winners and hand out cords and honors, and graduation practices,” said Pomona’s principal, Andy Geise.

Although Pomona may be a rival school from an athletic perspective, from a community’s point of view, with the opportunity to share traditions while celebrating the senior class.

For RVHS students with connections to Pomona’s graduating class, Geise said that the “ceremony has always been on a Thursday and begins at 10:00 am. The location of the ceremony has changed over the years to “the 1st Bank Center because it’s more convenient for our families and it is not as expensive,” continued Geise.

Pomona’s previous graduating classes said that they have always loved the ceremony itself as their favorite tradition regarding graduation. This year’s graduates are looking forward to the day when their life will begin out in the world.

We cannot forget about our other neighboring schools, Arvada West HS! They too share traditions in the graduation ceremony alike RVHS and Pomona HS. “The traditions that have shaped our school’s ceremonies over the years are, our choir and orchestra perform at our ceremony, two student speakers and our Senior Body Pres, recognition of all of the students who have enlisted in the Military Services,” said Arvada West’s Assistant Principal Shawn Collins.

The favorite tradition that Arvada West holds close to their hearts is “When the students come down after they receive their diploma they are greeted by a staff member who gives them a flower,” says Collins. Their favorite custom, alike RVHS and Pomona HS, is the selection of teachers that become the guest speakers and heralds at the ceremony.

Arvada West friends who want to be part of their graduation, the ceremony is on Friday, May 17 at 10:00 am at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield.

Traditions hold a special place in the Jeffco community school district. Sharing the celebration of the different colors that represent students, light blue, navy, and silver, purple and white, along with black, silver, and red. We stand together in celebration of all the accomplishments and we stand proud!