Keep Our Home Clean

Taylor Martinez, Entertainment section editor

We all have one thing in common: Earth. Oxygen, beauty, and life, all things that Earth brings to us, and most importantly, a home. We must have a day to celebrate, that’s why there is Earth Day!

Saying thank you is one of the best things we can do to show our appreciation.


Senior Camryn Luska said, “Earth day to me means people going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. People coming together to give back even though we have taken so much.”


Luska has spent a lot of her time giving back to the Earth. On Earth Day, “I did a trash audit, which basically means we go through the recycle, trash, and compost in every room and see what we could’ve recycled, reused, or composted. Also, my mom and I went shopping but with zero waste. Pretty much just buying in bulk bins and in produce.”

RV does contribute to making the Earth a better place, by recycling. That’s why we have the Clean Community Club! Alta Mcvoy has been very devoted to the CCC at RV. She takes the time during her off blocks on Tuesday and Thursday to collect all of the upstairs recycling for the school.


Mcvoy explains what her old school has done, “My school was up in the mountains, and we went outside, learned about how to recycle and take care of the Earth.” Which is an awesome way to have schools teach kids about how to take care of the Earth.

Denver offers a lot of activities to do on Earth Day. On the actual day of Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2019. Some of Denver’s activities that were offered were, “Earth Day Denver” where people were able to see and learn about community green teams, local organizations, and city agencies that have unique ways to make the earth a better place.


Mcvoy and Luska have many ways for people to contribute to helping the Earth.

Mcvoy explained, “Bringing your own coffee cups, recycle and buy reusable things.”

Luska has many ways to help be more environmentally friendly, “Using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic. Yeah, Hydroflasks are expensive, but you’d eventually spend that money on plastic bottles over time. There are kids that just sit in the RV parking lot with their cars running after they’ve already parked. What’s the point in wasting the gas and emitting the CO2? Switch to online banking, save the paper paychecks and stubs in the mail. Try to take the fastest shower possible.”


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Take care of our earth!