Why Be Sharp When You Can B-Flat?

Hunter Stricker, Featured Writer

Brendan Church seems like your average Ralston Valley Student. A tall sophomore of 16, he walks around in on-brand clothes with an air of coolness and sophistication. His favorite class is AP World History and he plays for the JV basketball team. But he also has something else not all RV students can say they have, a solid start to a rapping career.

Brendan “B-Flat” Church first started rapping in 8th grade when he attended Wayne Carle Middle School. At first, it wasn’t anything serious, just putting lyrical writing to purpose. “I was just having fun, just a hobby with me and my friends,” says Church. He shared the experience largely with his second cousin Kuvi.

But eventually, he wanted to take it to a bigger scale. “You can just go onto these independent music websites and pay a fee,” says Church. “and they’ll check out your music and distribute it for you.” 

Sure enough, he put out two singles out on the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, “Flexin’,” and “We On Top” (both under his cousin Kuvi’s stage name, Young Kuvi). A third one was put out, “Finesse,” but it was taken down after Kuvi had a conflict with the “beatmaker” as Brendan referred to him. “It’s a long story,” Church says with a smile on his face. Both of the singles are read as low-fi rap songs fun but with underlying tones of professionalism, in tune with the mainstream music tastes of 2019. 

Noah Schrag, a sophomore at RV is a listener and fan of Church’s music. “The first one,” says Schrag in response to what his favorite song of Church’s is.

Fandom isn’t only restricted to age either. Church’s younger RV freshman sister Bridget Church is a big supporter of B-flat’s music. “I like making fun of him and knowing the lyrics. I think it’s pretty cool that he made the songs on his own,” says Bridget.

However, all things must end. B-flats brief rapping career has come to a stop or at least a brief pause. “I’m not really feeling it right now, but I will get back into it,” says Church.