Dangers of After Parties

Brady Plant, Writer

Drugs, Alcohol, and underage kids, the recipe for danger and disaster. Unfortunately, these three elements are often mixed at after parties. With Prom rapidly approaching, so is the danger of after-parties.

Many students see an appeal in the scene of after parties and what they offer, but most don’t stop to consider the dangers. An RV senior who would prefer to stay anonymous said, “Many kids were doing drugs or drinking and there wasn’t any supervision going on at the party, which inclined kids to overdo it with drugs and alcohol.” Highschoolers using drugs is a danger alone, but mixing it with alcohol increases the danger and stupid decision making. “At one after party I was seeing kids drinking and driving and it was scary to think about what could happen to them or what could happen to others.” Drinking and driving is never a good idea, but especially as a teen it can lead to tragedy among the driver and his peers. “I just hope that us seniors and growing adults can realize the real danger we put each other and others at risk of when we decide to throw these after parties.”

Unfortunately, after parties have been a common thing since before we were even in high school. Former RV senior Paige Plant told about her experience at a Prom after party. “At the after party I went to there was some supervision, but there was still a large amount of underage drinking going on. Luckily we had to give up our keys and stay the night or find a ride home to be able to come over.” Some after parties do prevent danger on the road, however, they cannot be certain that everyone gives up their keys and drinking is still prevalent within a large group of people. “Yes, multiple people came over, I believe even students from other schools showed up to the party, needless to say, the house was packed.” In any circumstance, large groups can lead to dangers of all sorts, especially when alcohol is in the mix. “Yes, I think after parties can be dangerous. There is danger anytime a party occurs. Drinking can make someone make very bad decisions and sometimes they don’t have the strength or power to stop themselves.”

Tony Flores is the mother of a senior at Arvada West and has multiple worries of her son making bad decisions at parties. “As a parent, you want your child to experience things in high school, but you also want them to be safe, that’s your job as a parent, it’s to keep your child out of harm and it’s very hard to do this when they go to a party.” Parents experience strong fear and worry about letting their child go to a party. “I know as a teen, parties are super appealing and sound super fun, but they also need to understand that they are willingly putting their safety and sometimes lives at risk to go to these parties.” Ms. Flores also fears that her son could make a bad decision at future parties. “He’s my son and I always worry about if he’s doing a bad thing, because I went to parties, I know what goes on and I just don’t want my son to make some of the same bad decisions I did.”

This story is not meant to tell students how to live, but rather to caution and educate. “Teenager Drinking and partying can be dangerous with Teens not really knowing their limits,” said Plant,  “so it’s always a good Idea to think twice before partying.”