Seniors Show Off Their Engineering Skillz

The senior engineering showcase is a chance for senior engineering students to show off their projects that they have been working on since the beginning of the spring semester. Students dress up and practice their presentations while people in the engineering field judge their projects along with the engineering teacher Mr. Braketa.

“We start by designing our houses or products on a software Revit,” said senior Emily Hewitt. “We’re given a full two weeks to do that and then the entire rest of the semester is to just build the houses out of wood and hot glue or make our product.”

Students have a variety of tools at their disposal to make their designs. From a  3D printer to welding tools for wires, students have everything they need to create their amazing designs.

“My project (a multi-tool bracelet) is made entirely from the 3D printer in our classroom,” said senior Sam Kannady. “It’s nice to have these kinds of things already here at school so I’m not even more stressed about finding and paying for materials than I already am.”

There is no doubt that the engineering class can be stressful and challenging, but for anybody that has the passion makes it all worth it in the end.

“I find this class and engineering in general very rewarding and important,̈  said senior Alex Bullinger. ̈Engineering is around us everywhere we go and has created so many great things. I want to be able to continue this for myself and for others.”

These kids are extremely passionate about the subject and it shows through their dedication to detail.